Jhoola Activity Centre – Reinventing Childhood

Jhoola, the mere thought of a swing brings back such fond memories of childhood for most of us! Today’s children, sadly, have their childhood “stolen” away by mind-numbing gadgets. Jhoola Activity Centre aims to introduce children, aged 5 – 10, to a variety of hobbies and activities to choose from and gift them the childhood they truly deserve. We do this through books and stories, traditional and contemporary games & cognitive arts, crafts and a plethora of other activities.

At Jhoola Activity Centre, we just let children be children and give them the space to decide what they want to do, we let them play, socialise, to just be themselves, explore, think and last but not the least, to let them just have fun! And in this whole process, children reinvent themselves, find out their passion, identify new hobbies and LEARN essential Life Skills in the process!

What we offer at Jhoola

After School Classes

Unique themed weekly after-school classes for 5-10 year children with activities that help children learn communication skills and essential life skills.

Parent-Child Programs

At Jhoola, we believe in meaningful parenting and quality parent-child time is essential for that. We offer workshops/membership plans for parents and children.

Weekend Membership

Children and parents can use the resources at Jhoola (1000+ books and 100+ games) by availing the membership plans thus having gadget-free weekend time!

Workshops & Events

From baking to soap making, carpentry to doodling, story telling to puppetry, we have a plethora of workshops/events conducted to pique children's interests.

Meet our Founder - Deepika Arun

I love children and children love me! I guess this was inherited from my mother who used to be a fond host for all children in the neighbourhood. It was my dream to start a centre of my own that involves helping children where learning is fun! Jhoola Activity Centre is my humble effort in achieving the dream.

Our children’s generation is right to be called the ‘multimedia generation’ as they are all crazy about one gadget or the other. Gadgets are not only killing their social, personal and creative skills but also leaving negative impacts on their health and emotions. I started Jhoola Activity Centre with the aim of helping children have the childhood they deserve by taking them out of the grip of gadgets and television while helping them learn essential Life Skills.

At Jhoola, we introduce children to different hobbies and activities that are fun yet have some real learning attached. Hobbies that they can pursue at home thus slowly straying away from TV/Gadgets. Activities that teach them Life Skills, Team Skills, Social Skills, Emotional Skills or Cognitive Skills.

I welcome you to join the Jhoola Community. Together let’s make Childhood the most beautiful of all seasons!

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