The World of Fairy Tales!

The World of Fairy Tales!

Snow white, Sleeping beauty, Aurelia, Rapunzel, Prince Charming, Aladdin… The big bunch of beautiful, elegant, angelic princesses and handsome princes of Disney. I, like any other girl, loved growing up watching their cartoons, movies, etc. I am in my late twenties and my group of friends still fancy ourselves as one of the princesses each.

Books, animated movies and cartoons open up a really beautiful world to a child. The child is encouraged to imagine something completely contradictory to the world they live in. They imitate the ways of royal people, pick up their language, sway and swoon wearing their mum’s dupatta or their dad’s clothes. It is lovely to watch them role-play as princesses and princes. Though these stories do not really hold moral values like that of Panchatantra tales or Aesop’s fables, these are feel-good-light books/movies for children.

That said, as a parent myself, I think it is important to keep the kid grounded to reality as well. It is important to teach them to differentiate the real world from their imaginary world. I know a few kids who are obsessed with these cartoons and refuse to play or watch anything else. These stories can help a great deal in developing reading habits in children but I do not think it is a good idea to let them watch the same stories again and again on Television.

Instead, I realized that doing a role play along with children at home can be great fun. I have done this many a times with my niece and have never felt bored of it. Encouraging kids to spin their own stories might give you a picture of their ideas about life.  Their unbiased ways of narration, about the little things they know, never fails to amuse me. Of course, happiness is in little things!

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