Why After School Classes at Jhoola?

Today’s children have their life so mechanized that they do not have time to explore or have real fun. Life is far too scripted today. Plans are made. Classes are attended. Gone are the days of free play and creating something out of nothing. Many children today are simply following a script that they would free themselves from if given a chance.

Not all children have the interest or aptitude in music or dance or chess or other routine fine-art classes but most children are enrolled in atleast one or two of these classes. We somehow try to link everything with academic success and enroll children in handwriting classes, abacus, phonetics and what not! Everything ends up becoming mechanical and stressful for the child that he/she no longer enjoys the most beautiful of life’s seasons – Childhood!

At Jhoola, we believe in experience-based learning. Every month’s theme and activities are researched for hours and days together to ensure that the child sub-consciously learns about various values and life-skills like Emotional Skills, Social Skills, being okay with losing, being kind, sharing, being patient, reduce wastage and so on.

So many researches and studies carried out internationally claim that experience and value-based learning are the most effective with children and free-play, something that we at Jhoola, give a lot of importance to, is what really lets the children learn what they are naturally inclined to and are interested in.

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What happens in the After School Activity Classes?

Just like learning music or other arts, learning life skills or other skills that we help children learn at Jhoola Activity Centre, needs to be a continuous learning process and cannot happen in a matter of few classes. Hence, we have a new theme with fresh set of activities every month to make this exciting for parents and children to be a part of the Jhoola journey.

We have 4 unique activities every month under the Theme of the Month. During the structured time, children do the planned activity. Once they finish it, they choose what they want to do in what we call – “The Unstructured Time” – they either head to the Reading Room or Board Game Room or the Art Corner.

Children spend 2 hours productively, away from gadgets and learn social skills, life skills, communication skills and cognitive skills without realising that they are learning all of them!

Themes at Jhoola