Summer Camp 2018

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3 Teachers | 15 Products | 1 Camp | Unlimited learning.

We believe in planning meaningful activities that would help children become kind, empathetic, caring and understanding. Don't we need these qualities in everyone in today's world? With these core values on mind, we have designed a summer camp for children from March 26th - April 1st.

Fees: Rs. 2,000 per child inclusive of all the materials that would be used.

Age: 6 – 12

To register WhatsApp/Call 91765 83618.

In this one of a kind unique Summer Camp from Jhoola Activity Centre, children will learn to make 15 different products from 3 teachers/experts:

1. Transparent Soaps
2. Painted Diyas
3. Glass Candles
4. Tic tac toe game
5. Corner book mark
6. Rope Pen Stand
7. CD Coaster
8. Fridge Magnet With Pebbles
9. Popstick Photo Frames
10. No Sew Pencil Pouch
11. Malas
12. Studs
13. Kundan Neckpiece
14. Anklets/Bracelets
15. KeyChains

After 5 days of learning and making, children will spend Day 6, preparing the products for a sale. Day 7, children and their parents will host a sale of their products and the proceeds from the sale will be donated by children, to AWARE, for the empowerment of underprivileged children of Chemmenchery.


Having questions about how the Jhoola Summer Camp will work for your child and you? Here are some FAQs for you.

1. Why are we selling the products made by children? Wouldn't they be happy to carry them back home?

Yes, they would be happy to carry the products home but would definitely be happier to know that the products that they made, would be indirectly be reaching underprivileged children for a good cause.

2. There are many camps that teach entrepreneurship to children where children take the money they make. Doesn't it make more sense than donating the proceeds of the sale?

Children would learn the importance of hardwork, patience, perseverance, team skills, handling money and other core skills that are essential for anyone and not just entrepreneurs, in this camp.

More than entrepreneurship, children, today, need to learn empathy, kindness and care. Most children who attend classes at Jhoola, are privileged. They should understand this & the need to give back or help others who deserve. We believe in making today’s children better citizens of tomorrow for a better world.

3. How would I know that the proceeds from the sale reach the right people?

At Jhoola, we have worked with Aware and we know the people behind it very well. One of the founders, Sandhiyan would be present on the day of the sale to collect the cheque with the total amount made in sale which will be given away by the children and parents. The whole thing is transparent and will be done on the last day itself.

4. What would the funds be used for by Aware?

They would be using the funds for their Educate to Empower program. They have taken up educating the less privileged children of Chemmenchery as one of their projects.
You can check their activities here ->

5. What would be the parent's role on the day of the sale?

You will help your child collect money, give change and manage the money collected.

6. Would my child be selling the products made by him/her?

No, we would be grouping the products and a group of children would take care of each stall. This is to ensure that possessiveness or comparison don’t come into picture.

7. Can I buy the products as a parent myself?

Yes, you definitely can! Then your own money goes to a good cause!

8. Can I bring my friends/family for the sale?

Definitely! The more, the merrier!

There will be an orientation session on March 25th evening to help parents and children understand all about the camp and the sale that we have planned. Looking forward to making childhood more meaningful for children. Join with us on this mission.